ORDER: Daisy Goes to Town


In Daisy Goes to Town, Daisy the cow sneaks away from the farm and decides to spend the beautiful day in the town. She greets children as they head to school, sends good cheer to a mother on a walk, and salutes a police officer working in the town. In the end, what was meant to be a peaceful frolic in the sun turns into an opportunity for Daisy to do something truly heroic.

Filled with heart, wonder, and bravery, the story of Daisy’s first adventure will introduce children to the many characters which inhabit the small town. Join in as Daisy learns about new friends and uses her positive attitude to change the entire town.

13% of the proceeds from every book sold are being donated to First Responder Mental Health Awareness Charity: The Shane Brintlinger Memorial Fund

ISBN: 978-1-7351528-0-6
5.625" x 5.625", 20 page board book
Written & Illustrated in Columbus, Ohio; Printed in the USA